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The Whirled Cup - Pilot's Log
Where Very Little Happens

Stephen "FPilot" Bierce / 美朝深恬
Date: 2014-06-12 14:42
Subject: The Whirled Cup
Security: Public
Tags:football, games, soccer, sports

My layman's commentary on the rather obscure and little-regarded sports tournament that just got underway:

* The Rattlesnakes (Team U.S.A.) are in a very rough group with powerhouse nations Germany, Ghana and Portugal.  They'll need to play some epic stuff to advance...and if they do, the likelihood of a showdown with the Russians in the round of 16 is very high.

* I think it's a foregone conclusion that home team Brazil will advance and then dominate their bracket.  For possible "dark horses" for the title match I see Spain, Uruguay or maybe Argentina.

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