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  • Thu, 13:47: Continuing coverage
  • Thu, 15:36: 📷 rosscountyhistoricalsociety: This fan is known as a “Carnet de bal.“   It is a small brise-style fan, dating from around 1850. It has mother-of-pearl end slats, decorated with silver inlay. Ivory blades, joined by satin ribbon. A tiny...
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    Tue, 15:15: Elite debt hits record  heights - mostlysignssomeportents: This summer started with a bang, with Propublica’s #ecret IRS Files…

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    Sun, 19:11: OpenToonz - tumblokami: theamazingdigitalart: It’s finally here! We have been waiting for days and OpenToonz is finally available!…

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    Fri, 16:15: RT @ kbiegel: The last line here is the best Fri, 18:56: 📷 gameraboy2: I said… AARRGH! Captain…

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