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December 2018 - Pilot's Log
Where Very Little Happens

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12:03 am: White Rabbit!
04:51 pm: Still around; making dinner for myself and Dad. The medicines I've been taking won't get the crud…
11:32 pm: 'Zillion' Blu-Ray Review: A Great Anime Series That Has A Very Special Place In Gaming History
09:29 pm: “The White Album isn’t the sound of the band breaking up”: DiS Meets Giles Martin
03:40 pm: Health Update: the medicines I take have been doing a creditable job of managing the symptoms (as…
10:16 am: ANIMAL LIFE Baby Yoga Dog 1BOX(8個入)
08:45 pm: On January 1, America gets its public domain back: join us at the Internet Archive on Jan 25 to…
12:14 pm: Major for-profit college chain abruptly announces closure of dozens of schools
08:32 pm: Health Update: This crud continues to make me miserable but has never been strong enough to really…
01:20 pm: This Just In: Leftover Chicken Soup.
02:40 pm: I scrubbed my "mission" to west Knox County today, mainly because of the weather and partly because…
02:26 pm: The snow has already melted here at Rather Manor, but it still looks too cold and dreary for me to…
08:35 pm: www.a-muzu.com
10:53 am: "Captain? The LORAN says we're back in RUSSIA but the G.P.S. says we're in ALASKA now. Where are…
04:40 pm: 66.media.tumblr.com
08:31 pm: I haven't shared my edition of Your Year on Facebook simply because there was very little in it…
10:03 pm: Observations on Film Art: MONSIEUR VERDOUX
12:03 am: They say that 90% of success is just showing up.
03:58 pm: Surveillance libraries in common smartphone apps have amassed dossiers on the minute-to-minute…
06:34 pm: Meeting night.
09:14 pm: Back at Rather Manor. I'm particularly relieved to be here. On the way out I was dangerously…
10:14 pm: In Search Of...Earthquakes (s01 e07 HD DVD Quality)
04:34 pm: Next Episode
06:09 pm: I suffered a nasty coughing fit a while ago, and then I found out it coincided with the Blaine…
01:32 pm: That nasty coughing fit I'd suffered last night turned out to be nastier than I could have guessed.…
12:17 pm: Awaiting my pill fill. Went to Express Health clinic for a check of my condition and the nurse…
12:45 pm: Here I am at 52. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Still trying to get over my illness but hope…
12:02 pm: Wellbeing Update: Ever wake up in bed and the first thought you have is "I actually SLEPT!…
02:58 pm: Something else to be shared without explanation.…
05:42 pm: Illnesses LIE: This afternoon after I had taken my prescription I was thinking "do I really need…
11:26 pm: S5000 calling for overseas talent
12:03 am: IN. YOUR. FACE. (Full Disclosure--I HATE the NBA.)
03:53 pm: The Linux Foundation Video Site:: IBM Linux Commercial: The
12:02 am: Toshiro Mifune is a Lord, right?
11:47 am: Wellness check: I'm still somewhat sick but not as sick as I was at this time last week. I'm still…
11:37 am: mediumlarge.files.wordpress.com
12:02 am: YOU ARE HERE.
11:01 am: Wellbeing Check: I don't know if I've broken this crud or if it's just been medicated into…
10:22 pm: In Good Time: Watch Stolen in Italy a Decade Ago Returned in Florida
12:02 am: Ooooh...yeah...ooooh...yeah...
02:03 pm: Blue Lamp (From "Heavy Metal") (Remastered)
12:12 am: Survived another 24 hours with the crud.
12:02 am: I'm sure there are those who think I take all the wrong pictures with my phone's camera. You're…
09:09 pm: Tonight's dinner was takeout from LJS (thanks Jessica!) which sort of brings me to a topic I didn't…
12:03 am: Yes, the antique ceramic tannenbaum and Dad's light up nativity manger.
01:02 pm: Credit card activity as a predictor of mass shootings
01:24 pm: According to the channel's website: World is only available in Detroit, San Antonio and Miami. I…
11:00 pm: Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen - HQ Audio -- LYRICS
02:05 pm: Last night it rained so heavily that Rather Manor 's furnace flooded. The HVAC repairmen are here…
06:44 pm: Movies need to stop answering questions no one's asking
03:36 pm: Still recovering from my illness, slowly but surely. Was well enough to go shopping today...even…
12:09 am: No, we won't have RIBS for dinner tonight.
11:41 am: Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Nineteen)
02:27 pm: Test Post. Trying to fix something that went wonky.
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