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January 2019 - Pilot's Log
Where Very Little Happens

12:08 am: I want to thank Randy Cooper and Anne for their hospitality this evening. Turned out that my…
05:53 pm: The Future Is Here: JetPack Racing Can’t Be Far Away
12:03 am: I'm still working on my pacing.
12:04 am: I still want to hear a Beatles tribute act play some Primus.
01:37 pm: I guess I've already busted "Dry January" because I had wine with my steak the other day. Most of…
08:57 pm: Rainbow Motel renters highlight affordable housing dilemma in Gatlinburg
12:06 am: Thank You, Amazon, for ALWAYS pushing BLU-RAY products on the ads you send to my e-mail--even…
08:02 pm: The Greatest Adventure--The Story of Man's Voyage to the Moon (Video 1983)
12:30 am: 19 Classic Albums That Turn 50 In 2019
12:59 pm: Cheer up, millennials! It will become easier to buy a house
12:02 am: Give 'Em The Ol' PEPPER!
12:34 pm: I will always be impressed with the miniature work on Toho movies.
07:21 pm: U2 - New Year's Day (U.S. Remix)
12:02 am: Again, if it doesn't have cheese, does it still crunch?
11:13 am: Blnk Reg/Big Time Television
08:51 pm: One thing about being sick: You don't feel so inclined to beat the crap out of yourself like you do…
10:03 pm: Chicago Brewery Challenges Anyone To Kick & Make A 43-Yard FG; Will Get Free Beer For A Year
02:22 pm: Under Heaven all is chaos...but the Chairman's pulse is steady.
02:28 pm: A virtual re-creation of San Francisco's massive WPA wooden city model
11:57 am: You must think in Russian.
03:00 pm: LinkedIn sends me an ad: the 5 Skills employers need most in people: Creativity 24/7; Persuasion;…
04:24 pm: Here's the 2019 INDYCAR TV schedule
10:02 pm: Ageism in the workplace: What older workers can do to stay employed
12:52 pm: I'd settle for a Tomica of one.
02:30 pm: Whistleblower: Amazon Ring stores your doorbell and home video feeds unencrypted and grants broad…
10:39 am: This morning something in my neighborhood was screaming like falling bombs. "The bells were ringing…
10:13 pm: Facebook's acting strange again. They might be having another rolling update.
11:37 am: The Beat: $500 Amazon e-Gift Card Sweepstakes
09:52 pm: The picture I use for my profile pic is from 2009. I don't have a really recent pic, and I'm…
03:12 pm: Sumo -Hatsu Basho 2019 Day 1 PROPER, January 13th -大相撲初場所2019 初日
05:39 pm: Hurricane Progress: Restored the lock screen (myself, Dana and Johnski at Bradenton) and the main…
12:03 am: I wish this still worked. But movieCDs don't play in Win10.
12:01 pm: How the U.S. Ended Up With Warehouses Full of 'Government Cheese'
12:03 am: And if you know somebody who has digitized the run of Collier's Yearbooks, please, let me know.
12:52 pm: Sumo -Hatsu Basho 2019 Day 3 HIFI, January 15th -大相撲初場所2019 3日
11:11 am: I don't post much about my ongoing illness, in part because a lot of it is tedious and a lot more…
02:19 pm: Russell Stover is great if you like chocolate-covered something elses. But if all you want is…
02:51 pm: Across DC, the Yes Men distribute newspaper announcing Trump's abdication
06:13 pm: Sumo -Hatsu Basho 2019 Day 4 Hi-fi, January 63th -大相撲初場所2019 4日
09:37 pm: Updation: I acquired my experimental/medicinal chocolate at the Morristown ALDI this evening. One…
12:05 am: I still think the MLKjr Weekend is underutilized sports-wise.
12:41 pm: Impudent Mortal
03:31 pm: Sumo -Hatsu Basho 2019 Day 5, January 17th -大相撲初場所2019 5日
06:55 pm: They even include the magneto check.
12:04 am: Power To The Dream...
04:23 pm: Bought my socks for the year at the flea market. Afterwards I went to K-Mart and Hammer's in…
07:10 pm: At dinner tonight Dad reminded me that today would have been his and Mum's 55th wedding…
12:10 am: This weekend, we're expected to have a lot of rain and mist and fog followed by a very hard freeze.…
12:41 pm: Continuing yesterday's tales: January 1979; Gibsonia Pennsylvania (a suburb north of Pittsburgh).…
03:07 pm: Stupid Comic Books Question: Has Marvel Gwen'ed All The Things (TM) yet? *GwenAmerica *Gwen Machine…
12:06 am: In addition, four out of five Stephen R. Bierces hate Stephen R. Bierce. The fifth one is…
03:44 pm: Sumo -Hatsu Basho 2019 Day 8 JAPANESE, January 20th -日本語大相撲初場所2019 中日
12:06 am: You know, I still am not sure if I care to see this movie. I mean, many of the scenes I have…
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