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March 2019 - Pilot's Log
Where Very Little Happens

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12:25 pm: TBI: Suspected drunk driver armed with shotgun was shot by Pigeon Forge police after chase
12:41 pm: Saleen Cup launched in partnership with SRO
09:56 pm: I don't suppose anybody here has a water pump we could borrow? Rather Manor has a flooded cellar…
12:42 pm: From my REM sleep overnight: I'm in a Virtual Reality superheroes game. I mind-melded with the…
09:22 pm: JetBlue is giving away free flights if you delete your Instagram photos
12:03 am: I still have these--on other disk drives. And never got very far with learning how to use them.…
03:51 pm: Feathers is visiting the Vet for (presumably) his first time.
12:06 am: What causes sinkholes? | EarthSky.org
12:09 am: Is this place still abandoned or did they ever come back?
11:46 am: I would have had this when I was a kid. And those who followed my Acid Test activities on… - 1 Comment
12:09 am: How to Identify the Basic Types of Anime and Manga
11:18 am: Stephen
01:35 pm: Another photo of Dad's "Mariah" 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88.
04:21 pm: We just got Robocalled by Dial-A-Prayer. I hate being treated like a heathen--from a MACHINE.
05:53 pm: pbs.twimg.com
01:42 pm: Home Show. Pong my ping.
04:47 pm: I didn't have reason to turn on my Smartphone at all the last couple weeks, so when I turned it on…
12:06 am: Transform!--And Blast Out!
05:22 pm: Sumo -Haru Basho 2019 Day 1,March 10th JAPANESE COMMENTARY -大相撲春場所2019 初日
07:26 pm: Stupid Idea of the Moment: #weighted #snuggies
09:04 pm: US Air Force planes can be rented for as little as $917 an hour — here's how much bombers,…
10:58 pm: Useless Fact: There are currently 28 figures in the "Daretoku? Oretoku!" action figure series from…
11:38 am: At Gong Farm again.
05:58 pm: Once a month like clockwork.
12:03 am: At the modeler club meeting, the Muzak played a version of "We Built This City" I hadn't heard or…
09:53 pm: Eternal Jukebox for Decoy by Miles Davis
11:12 am: Day4 0319
12:07 am: Be there or swallow fire.
03:46 pm: Photos from Stephen R. Bierce's post
04:39 pm: Food City Race Night
11:52 am: In the time since, I've repainted the Kart and the bike; the Mustang Ⅱ will stay as-is. Need…
08:03 pm: Sumo -Haru Basho 2019 Day 8, March 10th JAPANESE
02:29 pm: Majority of London's newly built luxury flats are unsold, raising the spectre of "posh ghost towers"
07:41 pm: HEXUS.net
12:04 am: That's $442 in 2019 money. Just a datum.
02:37 pm: New Japanese train station has no entrance or exit, only used to admire the scenery
08:59 pm: UDF ウルトラディテールフィギュア No.490 PEANUTS シリーズ10 チャーリー ブラウン グロサリーバッグ バージョン 全高約95mm 塗装済み 完成品 フィギュア
09:42 pm: Again, turning adversity to perversity...the combination of the closing of the FOX/Disney merger…
03:19 pm: This, Apparently, Is the Optimal Driving Position
12:05 am: Still awaiting answers.
12:04 pm: Sumo -Haru Basho 2019 Day 12, March 21st Japanese
12:23 am: A Walk Through The 20th Century With Bill Moyers - Episode 11 - America On The Road
05:39 pm: Dad felt like winging it tonight.
06:17 pm: And relations with Russia haven't been the same since.
12:07 am: Curse of the Were-Rabbit was on the local CW channel yesterday. Sign, portent, or just coincidence?
11:50 am: Dream overnight: I notice that people are referring to ME as "the Colonel" and I'm puzzled about…
12:55 pm: What I said two years ago and still think today: "I'm of multiple minds about the idea of remaking…
08:34 pm: "Fit the Box" scale it was. "How good it looked on the shelf" scale it was.
09:17 pm: Sumo -Haru Basho 2019 Final Day, March 24th
01:58 pm: Photos from Stephen R. Bierce's post
02:08 pm: Photos from Stephen R. Bierce's post
11:47 am: Anybody know Greek mythology well enough to know if there was a character whose curse was if he had…
11:56 am: It's a week early. So what?
01:28 pm: Photos from Stephen R. Bierce's post
05:40 pm: “I’m Pretty Sure That I’m Losing Money”: Two Uber and Lyft Drivers on Why They Went on Strike
08:14 pm: Stupid DC Question
02:05 pm: Test Post. My activity here isn't showing up on my blog. Don't know why.
08:09 pm: Test
12:29 pm: Millennials are killing McMansions
01:46 pm: Devious Dreams: Reach your artistic goal!
02:47 pm: Giving Up
05:02 pm: The power cord on our old George Foreman grill went all ZAP-ZAP. Only had it for about ten years…
10:25 am: Dems meeting.
10:26 am: Representing Precinct 2.
03:43 pm: Tesla cars keep more data than you think, including this video of a crash that totaled a Model 3
09:02 pm: Drivers race hard in Texas final practice: 'It's a little hairy out here'
09:37 pm: Amazon Giveaways
01:01 pm: Antique 1957 Diner, stainless, 50' x 16' seats 50, excellent condition movable | eBay
07:33 pm: Can you believe I survived Grade School with this guy in my class? And they called ME a menace to…
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