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April 2019 - Pilot's Log — LiveJournal
Where Very Little Happens

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12:03 am: She's a Craw~aw~aw~aw~fish!
11:03 am: The Nazgul just rode past Rather Manor heading east. I guess the hobbits got around them again.
02:28 pm: Photos from Stephen R. Bierce's post
09:27 pm: Bargain Barn had a pile of Andy Capp fries in stock so I bought a big bag to try them out. Never…
02:18 pm: This Just In: Grilled Cheese Sammich. - 1 Comment
10:17 pm: AAF 2019: What went wrong and what happens next following league's sudden shutdown
12:14 am: Model Projects
02:42 pm: You'll Accomp'ny Me (Remastered)
12:05 am: There is an Ollie's that still has a pile of ESPN documentaries on DVD...and I mull over buying…
12:13 pm: It's 'da Bom! | Kitplanes Newsline
12:12 pm: These are still available in a number of places including HLJ and Amazon.
12:51 pm: Nothing like trying to find a document on the hard drive and not finding it and realizing it was…
02:47 pm: Tyler Reddick solidifies No. 2 slot in Dash 4 Cash near-miss at Bristol
03:30 pm: Mercedes-Benz Classic preps display of each C111 iteration | Hemmings Daily
01:26 pm: The Making Of The Ghost Plane
05:59 pm: Another IPMS meeting night tonight. Grooving to the Eighties songs on the Muzak...autocorrect…
12:03 am: Sisters From Other Misters, Brothers From Other Mothers, and Sibs From Other Cribs--all have a…
10:48 am: From the comic books episode with Wil Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd.
12:10 am: You may not hear the tramps of doom but you'll definitely feel them.
12:39 am: MechaGodzilla "KIRYU" Heavy armor|AOSHIMA|English
06:12 pm: Diecastcars, diecast, bugatti, bugattichiron, sportscars fairfieldcdc Icaut
11:49 am: In a move that will likely do my stupf-lust no good whatsoever, I signed up for a Taobao (plus…
02:26 pm: Dad and I and Dana Wm Bierce are helping in our own ways too. But, as said, it doesn't hurt to ask…
12:36 am: My Research Addiction is telling me to look up K-Tel's discography and find out what songs were on…
12:44 pm: There is something really weird going on with the Facebook feed I'm getting. After an hour worth…
12:59 am: Genesis "Paperlate" (1982)
11:43 am: Both the Most Recent Stories feed and the Top Stories feed are being weird today. Facebook must be…
12:02 pm: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp back up after massive outage
12:49 am: I was going to express my Monday mood, but my Bitstrips photo content has vanished into the ether!…
01:42 pm: Paris' Notre Dame cathedral on fire
06:28 pm: I looks like Facebook is returning to what passes for nominal functionwise, but anything Bitstrips…
11:16 am: Printing in PANTONE
11:29 pm: No-frills no longer: GM's China brand Baojun attempts a major makeover
01:10 pm: Sol Pais, woman sought after alleged Columbine school threats, reportedly arrested
08:28 pm: If only 30 more people donate at this rate, she'd meet her goal.
12:04 am: Kentucky Claims Olympic Rugby Championship
12:21 am: Status update on GTribe
03:08 pm: Car-sharing service car2go temporarily halts Chicago operations after 50 Mercedes stolen from fleet
12:22 pm: | The Current | The Criterion Collection
02:19 pm: Physicists Confirm That We're Not Living In a Computer Simulation
03:21 pm: Another prehistoric Lovecraftian sea creature has (appropriately) been named after Cthulhu
03:42 pm: Note the updated goal. Now she only needs 12 donors to get to the end.
11:28 pm: Note to myself: 『沙羅曼蛇』
11:56 pm: It’s an aviation enthusiast’s dream: Bringing a piece of an airplane home
07:27 pm: Recap: Takakeisho's Road to Ozeki - GRAND SUMO
09:09 pm: SHE DID IT!
01:33 pm: Happy birthday: Queen Elizabeth II turns 93 on Easter Sunday
07:15 pm: A secret Finnish subculture of women and girls who ride hobbyhorses has come out of the shadows
12:47 pm: This Eye-Popping Statistic Will Change What You Think It Means to Be an American Teenager. (Next…
12:05 am: Do YOU consider me here LEGALLY? That's the important thing.
03:08 pm: Photos from Stephen R. Bierce's post
04:02 pm: Man who brought Beatles to the big screen dies
06:03 pm: Exit 111 lineup: Guns N' Roses, Def Leppard headline Manchester, Tenn. rock fest
02:51 pm: I still don't. If I need a specific friend that badly I'll send a PM and I don't care if that…
12:02 am: Still sort of need this word.
12:15 am: Radwood's Coming to Las Vegas Saturday Night and You Should Go
02:16 pm: Thanks to the hint from Gabriel Lozano, I found a YouTube source for the early Nineties mecha anime…
03:55 pm: Robocall Scam of the Day--now the caller claims that they can drop the rates on ALL your credit…
12:04 am: The South Will BURN Again.
12:53 pm: Florida Woman Finds Alligator Knocking At Her Door
05:43 pm: Rather Manor is now stark ranging mad.
07:21 pm: We Listen Back To Conversations With 2019 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees
10:10 am: My dream overnight...after four and a half decades I finally receive something for which I sent in…
05:47 pm: Okay, what happened: last night while Dad and I were cooking dinner the lower element in the oven…
10:46 am: Make your own posters, banners and signs! FREE on GOTD only today!
02:58 pm: Eternal Jukebox for MacArthur Park Suite: MacArthur Park/One Of A Kind/Heavens Knows/MacArthur Park…
08:32 pm: Dad decided that The Baking Of Banana Bread is the best thing on tonight.
01:39 pm: Great Plans Ahead for Oldsmar Flea Market - Flea Market Zone | Vendor Resources
05:36 pm: Lennox Commercial with Sherlock Holmes
11:48 pm: Create the fantasy map of your dreams with Wonderdraft
02:55 pm: I get e-mail ads from Oldies.com every day. One thing I've noticed lately...there is a kind of…
05:33 pm: Cardin's Drive-In celebrates 60 years in business
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