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Meme Dredged Up From the Depths of Google Blog Search

a) Imagine your life as a movie, broken down into pivotal scenes.
b) Draft a soundtrack for those scenes and, therefore, for the movie of your life.
c) The songs do not have to be chronological. For example, if a scene from your "movie" occurs in 1979, you are not limited to songs from that time. If the song that fits the moment was released in 1999, use it.
d) Be honest - even if the song is horrific, or painful, or evokes something you'd rather forget, list it... it's a moment, and it should be there.
e) Give your "movie" a title... something that sums up your life so far.
f) List your soundtrack on your blog for all the world to see.

"Dread and Terror in the Sunsphere City: The Life of an S of B"

1) From the Beginning--Emerson, Lake & Palmer
2) Not Your Stepping Stone--The Monkees
3) Listen to What the Man Said--Paul McCartney & Wings
4) Jet--Paul McCartney & Wings
5) (I Don't Like) Spiders & Snakes--Jim Stafford
6) Band on the Run--Paul McCartney & Wings
7) The Best of My Love--The Eagles
8) How Long Has This Been Going On?--Ace with Paul Carrack
9) Touch Me In The Morning--Diana Ross
10) Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?--Chicago
11) Philadelphia Freedom--Elton John
12) Ventura Highway--America
13) The Last Song--Edward Bear
14) Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)--The Bee Gees
15) Nights on Broadway--The Bee Gees
16) Fins--Jimmy Buffett
17) One of These Nights--The Eagles
18) Bare Trees--Fleetwood Mac
19) Little Town--Paul Simon
20) What is Life?--George Harrison
21) Movin' Out (Anthony's Song--Billy Joel
22) Someone Saved My Life Tonight--Elton John
23) A Little More Love--Olivia Newton-John
24) Goodbye Stranger--Supertramp
25) Only Time Will Tell--Asia
26) So Lonely--The Police
27) Can't Stand Losing You--The Police
28) Self Control--Laura Branigan
29) One Way or Another--Blondie
30) Bye-Bye Love--The Cars
31) All Right--Christopher Cross
32) Time--Culture Club
33) Saved By Zero--The Fixx
34) Eyes Without a Face--Billy Idol
35) Major Tom--Peter Schilling
36) Valerie--Steve Winwood
37) Sara--Starship
38) Skateaway--Dire Straits
39) Simple Life--Elton John
40) Dreams I'll Never See--Molly Hatchet
For the Trailer) Crazy--Supertramp

This isn't exactly the way I want it, but I'll probably revise it. Writing is rewriting.

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